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I Am Poor and Gay...and I Will Practice Law :: Law College Admissions Essays

I Am Poor and Gay...and I Will Practice Law   One of the few things I remember about my childhood is my mothers beige linen suit. It was her best suit, and she wore it to work for years. The more it faded and frayed, the more it became a symbol to me of our poverty, and the more I hated it. Being poor made me feel like a second-class person.   We never really outgrew the poverty I just leave it to go to college. By my second year, I was working up to fifty hours a week to support myself. Looking at my transcript analysis, I guess my grades suffered a kitty that year, until I learned to balance homework with my other responsibilities. But in truth, I dont even remember that. Most of what I remember about college had to do with learning to accept being gay. I guess I learned to accept it fairly well, because within a year of graduation I left my job as manager of a home for mentally retarded adults to become manager of Glad Day, the first gay liberation bookstore in North America. (A gay liberation bookstore is one which specializes in political and educational materials, instead of pornography). Thats where I met Ted.   My next ten years are pretty much inexplicable without reference to Ted. What looks like the rambling of an unmotivated itinerant is really a fairly typical description of the spouse of someone with a career requiring frequent relocation. Ted is an optical physicist. He specializes in laser technology of the sort used to make holographic pictures and laser (compact) discs. When we met, he was already well established in his field, while I had not yet really chosen a career. In the ten years weve lived together hes worked in half a dozen cities in the United States, and in France for two years. In each place we lived Ive worked, gone to school, and volunteered my time for political causes, but Ive unceasingly been willing to make my own goals secondary to his.   My life hasnt just been a series of odd jobs, however. When w e moved to New Jersey in 1980, I got a job teaching emotionally disturbed adolescents. At the same time I began learning computer programming, helping Ted with some of the work he brought home.

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The Rain Man Essay -- Movie Film Rain Man Rainman Essays

The Rain ManThe Rain Man stars Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. The moving-picture show was made in 1988. The word picture is about an autistic man named Raymon, who is a idiot savant played by Dustin Hoffman and his fast, talking self absorbed, egocentric fellow Charlie Babbitt, who is played by Tom Cruise. A egocentric person is a person with the simple recognition that every living thing views the world from a unique, self-oriented perspective(LIFE Inherently Egocentric written by James Craig Green http// Charlie is a car salesman whose business is going down hill. Charlie and his girlfriend are on their air to Palm Springs when Charlie gets a call from his friend and co-worker. He tells him that his fathers lawyer has been trying to reach him, because his father was dead and the funeral was the next day. Charlie who never had a good birth with his father decided to go out there to pay his respects and to go get his share of his fathers estate. Wh en the lawyer read the will, Charlie finds out all he received was his fathers 1949 Buick and his prized rose bushes. The lawyer says the rest of the estate is going to a beneficiary. Charlie is mad at what his father did. He tries to find out who get everything else, because it is value about three million dollars. Charlie finds out the name and location of the beneficiary, but does not know anything else. So Charlie goes to Wallbrook institution to find out who this guy is. season he is inside a man comes up to Charlies car and hops in. He says he drove it just last week. After Charlie asks him a equalize of questions he finds out that they are brothers. Charlies first impression of Raymon is that he is retarded. Charlie decides in order to get his cut of his fathers money, he will abduct his brother and endure for them to hand him his one and a half million dollars as a ransom because he thinks he deserves it. Charlie takes Raymon from Wallbrook and heads out on the road back to Los Angeles. Charlie tells him if they view as it back soon they kitty go and see a Dodgers game. Charlies girl friend objects to what Charlie is doing to Raymon and decides to leave him. The next morning Charlie and Raymon go out for breakfast and Raymon starts to shove a fit when the maple syrup is not on the table before they order. He also wants toothpicks to eat with, not the knife and fork provided. C... ...ctured and safe. The fact that Raymon is a brilliant idiot savant would be interesting but have little value in his day to day life.Charlies portrayal as an egocentric person was also very believable. It was obvious from the beginning of the movie that he viewed everything that happened very personally. He was self-centered and could not think of others. By the end of the movie he learns to think of others including Raymon and he even wants to incorporate Raymon into his everyday life. I think it happened too quickly though, I mean how many people can go from being egocentrical to a person who is at the exact opposite side of how to live life. Even today autism is not recognized or else it is see by the public, parents and professionals. This fill put a lot of the rumors of autistics and savants to rest. Before this movie not a lot of people had known how you could recognize an autistic person. This film was a really good film. As stated before this film not many people knew much about autistic people. This film overt up the eyes of people to autistics. This was the first film to actually show how autistic people live and how they like to have a daily schedule.

Natural Gas and Its use as a Alternative Fuel Compared to Gasoline Ess

inherent waste and Its use as a Alternative Fuel Compared to GasolineHave you ever confused the terms Natural Gas and Gasoline? Well dont, because they are two very different types of gases. Natural gas and Gasoline are considered fossil fuels to most scientists because it is believed they were form from the carcass of sea animals and plants that died 200-400 million years ago. These sea animals were then covered by spirit levels of sediment and rock over time which caused them to become buried deeper and deeper, until enormous amounts of push and heat turned them into oil and gas. Raw natural gas is a kind of different gasses and the main ingredient is methane, a natural compound that is formed whenever plant and animal matter decays. On the other hand, gun is made from crude oil, which is a mixture of hydrocarbons (compounds containing hydrogen and carbons). Gasoline is most commonly know as the gas that you use in your car to help your engine run. I n a cars engine, oxygen is mixed with a fine mist of gasoline which is ignited by a spark, causing the combustion reaction to take place. This all takes place within a cylinder of your car. When the fuel/air mixture explodes (or combusts) in the cylinder, the expansion of gases from the mini-explosion pushes a piston this movement is what ultimately makes your wheels move. A greenhouse gas is then emitted, called carbon dioxide- which contributes to global warming. (How does car pollution have-to doe with the ozone layer and Environment? King, Jennifer SFGate n.d. Web.) An alternative fuel such as natural gas has been considered by many scientists as a much more environmentally friendly gas on the environment that could run automob... ...uld be the right way to go collect to its cleanliness and cost. Natural gas burns clean due to its naturalness. According the NGVAmerica, Natural gas costs about $1.50- $2.50 per gallon of gas. This type of change in gas would kill two birds wi th one stone, bye trim down prices for the peoples benefits and reduce greenhouse pollution, for the environments benefit.Works Cited. ( How natural gas Vehicles Work.How stuffworks.n.d) ( 2011).. ( 2011). (What Is Hydraulic Fracturing? does car pollution affect the ozone layer and Environment? King, Jennifer SFGate n.d. Web.) (Preston, Benjamin I Feel Gassy 5.8.12)Picture 1 Seismic Graphing Natural Gas & Tech. 2- ( Natural gas & Tech. Natural 3 )Comparing Natural Gas Vs. Other Fuels..Wb Web.) Socal gas.nd

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Essay --

1.The 4 most important technological developments were round-hulled sailing ships, the compass, and improved map-making innovations, and knowledge of explosives/gunpowder weapons. These round-hulled ships allowed for boost voyages into the Atlantic Ocean and for being able to carry large amounts of goods to trade in other places. The compass gave Europeans the navigation tool they endlessly needed to insure the y were going the correct way, allowing for more daring voyages to take place. Improved map making innovations likewise gave the Europeans a better conception of where they were and gave more confidence for more exploring and traveling to trade in distant lands. Finally gunpowder weapons gave Europeans the military advantages they needed over all the other civilizations in the world and allowed them to come and take port cities or entire civilizations. 2.Hongwu made notable reforms to the scholar-gentry influence and developed ways to check the abuses of other factions. He also tried to get more loyal bureaucrats by adding public beatings for disloyal or corrupted officials. In the first few years of the Ming dynasty, an economic sweep through happened as China began to contact other civilizations overseas. Population boom also occurred due to introduced crops from the Americas such as maize and potatoes. The merchant class became very squiffy off the economic boom and used their wealth to purchase land, increasing their social status. Chinese expansion occurred at a rate that a never been seen before. The Chinese began to push further out of Central Asia. The main motives for this were to explore other lands and to spread the glory of the Ming Empire. 3.EuropeansAmericasCowsPotatoesHorsesMaizeDiseasesSweet potatoesOnionsPeanut... ...n put Confucian Scholars at the top and tried to cast aside anything other than Confucian thinking. Hindus became under attack by Mughal leaders that wanted to convert more to Islam. As he Mughals kept pushing deeper i nto India, tensions heated up as more people converted from Hinduism to Islam.After Newton published his book, it showed of a universe with simpleton laws and rules. It used rational hypothesis and generalization. It relied less on blind traditions of religious faith. Soon writers affected by the new science, although not scientist, began to attack traditional religious ideas such as miracles. Political change was complicated due to the absolute monarchy that arose in France vs the parliamentary monarchy that arose in England and Holland. These more effective central governments helped Europeans catch up in political forms that had been developed before

Video Game Player Dynamics Essay -- Video Gaming Psychology

In the article The Individual and the Group in Console Gaming the authors identify several facets of group dynamics in the gaming environment. Most notably is the way in which players can compete while collaborating, and collaborate while competing. Ultimately there argon triad graphemes of play identified Competitive the goals of each player is directly in contradiction to the goals of other players. The goal of the game is to defeat the other opponents in virtually way. It is important to note that this does not necessarily mean that the players are directly affecting each other, they may be attempting to navigate a challenge the data processor represents in a better manor than the other players, with the victor being identified by a score or some kind of timer. accommodative the goals of each player is not necessarily contradictory to the goals of other players. In cooperative games the players may find it beneficial to aid each other, but their goals are ultim ately distinct. At times collaboration will help one player more than than another, and they may turn on each other at a given time. These types of games can transform into competitive at key moments, most often when the score is shown. Collaborative this is a newer dynamic that is appearing more and more often in gaming. In collaborative type play the goals of all players is completely aligned and the outcomes rely on the group as a whole. There is no benefit to striking out on ones own while your erstwhile allies fail, the outcome being that the entire group loses. This type of play often requires the most collaboration amongst the group and stratagems that require everyone to succeed, at times with the support of the rest of the group.These dynamic... ...oercion, control cs*w or how constitution mediates mass participation Proceedings of the 2007 international ACM SIGGROUP throng on Supporting group work (GROUP07) 167-176.Kittur, Suh, Pendleton and Chi (2007) He says, she says conflict and coordination in Wikipedia Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems (CHI07) 453-462.Konstan, Miller, Maltz, Herlocker, Gordon and Riedl (1997) GroupLens Applying Collaborative Filtering to Usenet News. Communications of the ACM, 40 (3). 77-87.Vieweg, Hughes, Starbird and Palen (2010) Microblogging during two natural hazards events what twitter may contribute to situational awareness Proceedings of the twenty-eighth international conference on Human factors in computing systems (CHI10) 1079-1088.Angier (2002) Why Were So Nice Were Wired to Cooperate. The New York Times, July 23, 2002.

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Comparison of Northwest Airlines and American Airlines Essay -- Aviati

Comparison of northwestern United States Airlines and American AirlinesGlobalization Globalization can be defined as making worldwide in scope or application(1). In this comparison of the worldwide corporate culture of Northwest Airlines and American Airlines several areas will be addressed. The strength of the global culture with-in the companies. The fit of the company to the global marketplace, and the adaptive ness or the empowerment of the employees will be examined and compared. Perhaps more important, than whether they currently work a global atmosphere, is whether they can improve or create this atmosphere. A comparison between the two airlines will be made on their mission statements, knowledge dissemination, global-mindedness, career paths, and the use of cultural differences as an asset and if a worldwide training system is in place. A conclusion will then be made as to which corporation has the best organizational composition to compete in the global market. The strength of Northwest and Americans global culture can be compared by evaluating how well they facilitate performance(2,546). Both of the corporations employees, it may be argued, have the common goal of wanting their company to combust and continue to grow in the global market. It could also be argued that the companies differ, in significant ways, when it comes to the motivating effect this common goal has. Northwest seems to be discover motivated in obtaining this goal. Examples of this motivated corporate culture are illustrated by the fact that they were pioneers in global alliances(3) and in the fact that they have committed major investments, in the form of hub cities, in both Tokyo and Amsterdam. American, on the other hand, does not seem to be as motivated by the goal of expansion in the global market. Although they have alliances with several international carriers, the number of alliances is not as large as Northwests. The recent acquisition of TWA, by American (4 ), may help to expand their global culture, due to the greater foothold this acquired asset has in the global market. In addition the financial investment that Northwest has shown in the global market is lacking in American. The only hub, questionably, outside of the U.S. is in San Juan, Puerto Rico (4). American seems to concentrate its strength inside the U.S., which may have a stifling effect on globaliza... ...y increases, all of which are received positively by employees. Whenever possible, managers should select technology that increases workers skill requirements. Providing effective training about(predicate) ways to use the new technology is essential. Training helps employees perceive that they control the technology rather than being controlled by it. The training should be designed to disturb workers needs, and it should increase the workers sense of mastery of the new technology. Mangers face a substantial challenge in leading organizations to adopt new technologies more humanely and effectively. proficient changes are essential for earnings growth and for expanded employment opportunities. The adoption of new technologies is critical determinant of American and Northwest Airlines in the global marketplace. work Cited1. Merriam - Webster Dictionary. www. . Globalization2. Debra L. Nelson & James Campbell Quick. (2003). Organizational Behavior, Fourth Edition. Thomson. Pages 539 - 5593. Northwest Airlines. www. . Company Overview4. American Airlines . www. . AMR Corporate Information

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The Role of Religion in Presidential Elections

The Role of Religion in Presidential Elections The relationship between faith, reason, and dread sometimes resemblesrock, paper, scissors grip (45). This is the opening sentence in chapter two of Al Gores book, The Assault on Reason. In this chapter Gore talks about how fear takes oer reason, reason challenges faith, and up to nowtually faith defeats fear. This is the way that our society worked when he wrote the book, and it has not changed for the better since then, although it has not needs gotten substantially worse.Today religion is still a wide player in political debate because people atomic number 18 guided, for the most part, by their morals and it is commonly held that morals come mainly from religious teachings. This is a complex subject because that also opens the door to the idea that atheists, agnostics, etc are not moral people because they are not religious. By that logic, only the religious should be allowed to lead our country because they are the only moral people. Do we confide that all religions are good, though? Are some better than others?Ideally, and under our Constitution, no all religions are equal in the eyes of our laws. However, there are stigmas attached to certain religions, and to many non-religious people there is a stigma on religion itself. So why, then, does religion play such a large role in political campaigns? Its simple because we view religion as having a direct correlation with morals, politicians, political parties, and interest groups can use fear to override our reason in order to sway our opinions. Historically, here in the United States, our citizens sire elected white Christian men to the office of the President.To go even further, we demand elected Protestant Christians to office. It is apparent that, political parties aside, we have a preference as to what our President should be, religiously. We have only had one Roman Catholic President, John F. Kennedy during his campaign there were fears that he wo uld follow the wishes of the Bishop sooner than the people. To some degree we still hold these beliefs. If we did not, religion wouldnt be used as a fear tactic. The colonists who came from England were escaping religious repression, and were the inspiration for our freedom of religion.In upstart times, we seem to have lost sight of that. Four divisions ago, Barack Obama was running for office for the first time. Among many other controversies, i. e. whether he was actually born a U. S. citizen, was the gossip that Obama is a Muslim and not a Christian as he has time and time again identified himself to be. In the United States, where we have the freedom of religion outlined in our Constitution, people were worried that someone of a Muslim put upground would be able to become the most coercive man in the world.A large part of that fear sure as shooting stems from the attacks on September 11, 2001 but surely there is no legitimate reason to fear Muslims other than the combinati on of our ignorance of Muslim culture and faith, and the fear that is instilled in us not only by political parties but by non-affiliated extremist groups as well, that say all Muslims are terrorists. Barack Obama went on to win the election, which is not surprising because the public could see right through these shaky scare tactics. However, this has not stop people from trying to use it in the current election.In a ninety second audio clip taken from a call between a Republican volunteer and a constituent, the volunteer calls Obama a Muslim and says that he wants to take away their Medicare (Dixon, 2012). So even though this tactic has not worked in the past, it doesnt do much to stop people from trying to spread these rumors again. Between the 2008 election and the upcoming election not much has changed, although in this years election the religion card will likely play a larger role in who will win the electorate.Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and part the small outcry claiming Obam a to be a Muslim was never on firm ground, there is no question of Romneys religion. This is where we fall back to the long time of Kennedys campaign. People are worried that Romney will repose his religious views before the welfare of our nation. The accusation that people are making is that he is incompetent of leading our country because he is a Mormon. Some of the big issues on his plate currently involve womens rights.As a Mormon, he does not believe in abortion and has made it clear that he would try to pass legislation that sets the beginning of life at conception. While there are certainly non-Mormon people who do not believe in abortion, this is being attributed to his religion. Fifty years ago, or even twenty-five to thirty years ago, this would have been a non-issue. Romneys beliefs would have been more in line with the more conservative nature of the time period. Needless to say Mitt Romney faces an uphill battle on his quest for the White House.Given all of this infor mation, it would seem very apparent that religion plays a huge role in presidential elections. This is true, but not necessarily in the way that one might think. According to an article in the Huffington Post, most Americans say that it is important for the President to have strong religious beliefs, even if the beliefs differ from their own. This information seems to undermine what the media would have us believe. In addition, constituents tend not to know or be confused about the candidates actual religion.Only intravenous feeding in ten citizens could correctly identify Mitt Romneys religion and forty-six percent of Americans said they did not know (Neroulias, 2011). This goes back to the idea of morals those who have religion are moral and good, while those who do not cannot be moral and therefore should not lead our country. In the end, politics have not done much to change for the better. We still fear religions that we have no need to fear, and this is largely because fear t actics are used every day by political parties as well as extremists who have the ability to make it into mainstream media.Absolutely anyone can start a rumor that a candidate is Muslim and cant be trusted, and that could catch like wildfire, or it could be blown off for the most part. It is also exponentially easier to take a candidates religion and a single belief, and then convince the country that he should not be President. Another thing that we see is that citizens place a large emphasis on religion itself, but there is still a large stigma on religions that are not traditionalistic Christian. Until we become collectively more knowledgeable about other religions and debates become more informed, not much could possibly change.References Dixon, M. (2012, September 27). Call from clay county gopobama is a muslim wholl take away medicare. Retrieved from http//m. jacksonville. com/news/metro/2012-09-27/story/call-clay-county-gop-obama-muslim-wholl-take-away-medicare Gore, A. (200 7). The assault on reason. (p. 45). New York, NY Penguin Group. Neroulias, N. (2011, September 24). How religious identity is influencing the presidential election. Retrieved from http//www. huffingtonpost. com/2011/07/25/presidential-candidates-religious-beliefs_n_908858. hypertext mark-up language

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Module 4 Website Review

The website is a website offering consultancy services for the strategic planning for the business of the future. This website is owned by ROSS A. WIRTH who is acclaimed professional and academician. This website offers consultancy services for the change counselling within some(prenominal) organization of any size. It works to support the development of internal expertise to develop a acculturation that is conducive to organizational encyclopaedism and change processes. ( ReviewThis website is excellent in its content and very simpleton to use and main(prenominal)tain. The home page has clearly defined sections under name Organisational Change, strategic grooming, HR Planning, marketing Planning and organisational complexity. The mission of the website as appeared on the home page is as followsHelping organizations establish change processes that align with their unique culture and business needs enabling the adaptive business of the future. Ha rnessing the power of organizational learning and self-leadership for emergent organizational change with strategic visioning providing the collective purpose. Turning speculation into practice working today to build the organization of the future. This is our mission.It offers white papers and other source satisfyings for the users. These materials are well organized and written. The website offers interactivity through Yahoo Groups. in that respect are different Yahoo Groups made for different topics and large number can interact, discuss and solve there issues.These congregations are active and involvement of Ross Writ makes it interest and interactive. These groups have no national, academic or industrial boundaries. Anyone who is interested in the relevant topic can register himself and become member of the group. The process is simple and has better chances of attracting people of like minds.As defined on the website enTarga has its unique meaning. It is as followsEn- to make cause to be made to resemble.Targa- A type of protection carried on the forearm for protection, related to targetLook and feel and apparent target audienceThe look and feel of the website is very simple, rather below average, exclusively the content of website makes it much better than any other website with excellent look and no content. However if more efforts are done towards improving the look of website, it exit attract more audience. Search Engine optimization and similar strategies will also help in increasing popularity of the website. So far it seems to be attracting people on the word of mouth basis.This website provides me loads of development without any requirement of being member or paying anything. Apart from this the permission to use the material published on the website and acknowledging the author (Ross Writ) is another attractive feature. The site does not have any commercial feel in it rather it looks as a pure academic website.On the Organisational Cha nge page ChangeAgent yahoo group is available for the viewers to participate in the relevant discussions. This webpage introduces the viewer to the organisational change process. It provides entropy on the change agents, resistance to change, points of leverage and organisation culture with respect to change. It also offers another link to the resources of organisational change. The resources available are of free of cost.Strategic Planning webpage provides information on the Strategic planning process in any organisation. It gives information on benefits, pitfalls, implementation problems and key influencing factors as separate web links. It provides information on the Steps in the strategic planning process, business performance management and offers other planning resources on the website as different links. The yahoo group for this section is OrgComplexity.The third web link is HR Planning. Here viewer gets information on Human resource issues, employee directment, and strateg ic readiness of the organisation, Balanced lineup (BSC) and resources for human resource planning. This also has a yahoo group named ChangeAgent as its discussion list.Marketing Planning provides information on customer analysis, marketing schema questions, planning resources on the meshing, associated marketing topics like Integrated marketing communications, relationship marketing, brand marketing topics on the internet, creating a brand strategy and development guidelines for internet marketing. The yahoo discussion group for the website is ChangeAgent.Organisational Complexity provides information on organisational complexity and related issues. The yahoo discussion group for the same is OrgComplexity.Apart from the above mentioned main categories of strategy information, it also has Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning as a separate webpage that provides information on knowledge management, barriers, Requirements for spreading a trump practice across the organizat ion, organisational learning and other resources.The yahoo groups are active and have different members fro across the world. The groups initiate different topics for discussions. Anytime any member joins a new group receives a welcome.doc which contains welcome pass along and the current topic of discussion and requests the new member to introduce himself to the group. Once the member posts his message the message is moderated in the prohibition period. This is done in order to control spamming and spammers. Once the new member proves his authenticity, he participates in the group discussion and information overlap without any restrictions.ConclusionIt will not be appropriate to criticise this website with such comprehensive and well written content for the looks and feel. But it will be an excellent website if some efforts are done to improve its look. Being a management professional I find it really useful for my continuous knowledge and improvement and helpful in getting supp ort in the form of suggestions in the yahoo groups. For me the attractiveness of this website is the active yahoo groups. Any new bind published on the website will be notified in the yahoo groups.This will keep the members informed. If interested, members can visit the website for reading the article free of cost. This makes the website interactive and keeps the users engage in the activities. There are various issues on the day to day problems of business world. Many a time individuals do not get any kind of platform or experienced people to guide them. The information available on the website deals with various issues that can help individuals to handle particular situations and eat appropriate actions. This attractiveness is unique selling proposition for the website and this will attract me to go back to the website again and again.ReferenceLisa Hoecklin. (1995).Managing Cultural Differences Strategies for Competitive Advantage. WokinghamAddison-Wesley Publisher Ltd.Levitt, T . (1983), The Marketing imagination, New York, The Free PressMller, K. and Wilson, D. (1995), Business Marketing An Interaction and Network Perspective. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Norwell.

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World Cities and Sustainable Development

World Cities and Sustainable DevelopmentSubject Sub-divided units in Hong Kong ( 1487 words )Hong Kong has been celebrated for its enthusiastically belongings monetary value which has been a concern to both the policy shapers and the populace in recent old ages. Apart from the unaffordable belongings monetary values, Hong Kong too faces societal issues like the sub-divided units, accidents such as the 2011 Fa Yuen Street fire 1 and the prostration edifice at Ma Tau Wei Road 2 in 2010 pass roused public consciousness towards the issue.In this essay, I will foremost explicate the descent between populate and sustainable development. Then I will get the jobs of sub-divided units in Hong Kong and its put to work on residents quality of life. Finally, I will measure the samara challenges faced by the Hong Kong Housing Authority in turn toing the lodging jobs.Sustainable lodging dramas an of import function in sustainable development. Harmonizing to theSustainable Housing polit yissued by the United Nations Human Settlements Program ( UN-Habitat ) in 2012, lodging is one of the canonic standards to mensurate the quality of life of people, which besides connect to environmental, societal, cultural and economic facets in the community 3 . The construction of lodging creates a great influence on both the current and future coevalss due to the life-long lastingness of edifices.Housing besides requires a considerable sum of natural resources, such as H2O, electricity, play and edifice stuffs as input, where lodging produces sewerage, municipal solid waste and other sorts of pollution that create negative impact to the natural environment. Hence, sustainable lodging is the key to travel a measure frontward sustainable development.UN-Habitat defined sustainable lodging as genuinely sustainable houses argon those that are inclusive and low-cost for alland yet affordability is non plenty, because the alleged low-cost place can non be considered sustainable if t hey create negative impacts on the environment or societal life. 4 Harmonizing to the US-based consultancy Demographia, Hong Kong ranks the first among 360 metropoliss for the most unaffordable lodging for the 4th consecutive twelvemonth. Hong Kongs one-year average family income is merely one-fifteenth of the average place monetary value, therefore being rated as severely unaffordable . 5 In 2013 Policy cope 6 , lodging jobs ranked foremost in the governments precedence, particularly aimed at dower the grassroots into public lodging and in-between category households to home ownership. 7 However, the job could non be solved nightlong, the increasing figure of sub-divided units suggested that the authorization failed to help the grassroots and in-between category households in run intoing their basal demands to alleviate the poorness job. After the Fa Yuen Street fire and the collapsed edifice incident at Ma Tau Wei Road, natural rubber of sub-divided units has raised the p ublic concern.Among all lodging jobs, the state of affairs of sub-divided units is critical. The life environment of these sub-divided units are by and large little in size, but are poplar because of their affordability.Harmonizing to a research conducted by the University of Hong Kong, about 63 % of sub-divided units occupants lived at units which country are less than 160 sq. pes, where the smallest unit is about 70 sq. pes. Respondents reviewed that they were discontented about their life environment, particularly in fire safety, air circulation and security. Over two-third of the respondents stated that there were jobs such as H2O escape, home base exposure, cover spalling and mussy electric wires, which imposed psychological force per unit area to them as they were worried about the buildings construction of their units particularly afterwards the incidents. 8 The study besides stated that occupants were worried about their security in the sub-divided units, approximately 4 4 % reviewed that stealing occurred in their unit, followed by robbery ( 33 % ) , drugs covering ( 29 % ) , incendiarism ( 25 % ) and sex discourtesies ( 22 % ) .In footings of societal life, merely 5 % of occupants were familiar with their neighbours and maintained a friendly relationship with each other, while 60 % of respondents were non familiar or did non acknowledge their neighbours. At the same clip, approximately 77 % of occupants did non fall in or affect in any community activities. 9 Over half of the sub-unit occupants reflected that their superlative want is to acquire a public lodging colony, one-third wished to better their life environment. Furtherto a greater extent, the greatest concern of the occupants is the sanitation job of the life environment, followed by security and the safety of the buildings construction. In footings of psychological well-being, occupants reflected that they were worried about the lifting rent and a great deal felt laden due to the narr ow and bantam life status. These jobs of sub-divided units have been earnestly impacting the residents quality of life as they struggled hard to keep a life. 10 Further much, the bulk of occupants felt detached, unhappy and have low sense of properties to the society as they seldom communicate with each other and rarely involved in their community, which would impact their physiological well-being. In footings of life environment, they were discontent about the sanitation and safety jobs, and the bulk wished to travel into the public lodging every bit concisely as possible.There are three challenges faced by the Hong Kong Housing Authority in turn toing the job of sub-divided units.First, Hong Kong faces the job of limited land supply. right away 23 % of land has been development, and 7 % is allocated for residential land usage. The deficit in land supply will further take to the lifting monetary value of belongings monetary values. 11 To turn to this job, renewal is frequently used since the 1970s. 12 In 2013, development curate Paul Chan Mo Po even suggested constructing ground by uncluttering an country in the state park 13 or construct places on the golf nine site, 14 these steps and suggestions faced wholesome expostulation in the society.Second, the authorities failed to command the belongings monetary values. Under the sky-high belongings monetary values, the authorities eventually attempted to interfere the market by presenting the dual cast responsibilities to relieve the state of affairs. 15 However, the program failed to command the belongings monetary values and the belongings monetary values in Hong Kong reached new highs in August 2014, entering the highest belongings monetary value in Hong Kongs history. 16 Third, the job of sub-divided units jobs involved the work of different governments and the category of duties is non clearly defined. Therefore, different sections may decline to take the duties. The job non merely related t o edifice and fire safety, but besides other issues such as edifice direction job, urban reclamation job and lodging job. 17 Sustainable lodging should non be measured merely in footings of affordability, and should means more than a roof over ones caput. A sustainable lodging system should be able to supply abode with equal basic substructure, privateness, infinite, handiness, safety, security, dependability, sanitation and waste-management installations, suited environmental quality, accessible location to make basic installations and work topographic point, accessible and equity transit system, while all these standards should be brought with low-cost monetary value. 18 These factors are what Hong Kong presently lack and should be taking into history in doing lodging policies and determinations.Mention 2011-12 Policy Address Policy Address. 2011-12 Policy Address Policy Address. 12 Oct. 2011. Web. 13 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext hit protocol // ng/p190.html & gt . 2013 Policy Address by Chief Executive ( 3 ) . 2013 Policy Address by Chief Executive ( 3 ). Hong Kong Government Press Release. Web. 13 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // & gt . State Park Carve-up the Worst of every Land Options. southeastern China Morning Post. 25 Sept. 2013. Web. 13 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // member/1311176/country-park-carve-worst-all-land-options & gt . Easing of Double Stamp Duty other Example of Leung s Failed Housing Policy. South China Morning Post. 16 May 2014. Web. 13 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // & gt . Land use of goods and services in Hong Kong. Land Utilization in Hong Kong. purposening Department, 16 July 2014. Web. 13 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol //www.plan & gt .Li, Yiu-wa. Public Rental Housing for Young People. ( 2012 ) .HKU Scholars Hub. Web. 12 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // & gt .Li, Yvonne. Hong Kong Ranks World s No 1 for most Unaffordable Housing. keeping. South China Morning Post, 22 Jan. 2014. Web. 12 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // page=all & gt .Mok, Siu-fan. Searching for Improvements An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Public Rental Housing Policy in Hong Kong since 1998. HKU Scholars Hub. Web. 12 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // & gt .Ngai, Edward. Defying Gravity Hong Kong Property Prices Reach New Highs. The Wall Street Jorunal. China Real Time Report RSS, 8 Aug. 2014. Web. 13 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // ime/2014/08/08/defying-gravity-hong-kong-property-prices-reach-new-highs/ & gt . Paul Chan Should Revive His Plan for Homes on Golf Club Site. South China Morning Post. 13 Sept. 2013. Web. 13 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // & gt . Reclamation Is One Option. South China Morning Post. 24 Apr. 2013. Web. 13 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // & gt .South China Morning Post. Police release more images of fire suspects. 5 December2011. PrintSustainable Housing for Sustainable Cities. Nairobi, Kenya United Nations Human Settlements Programme ( UN-Habitat ) , 2012. Print.Wong, Man-kin, James. Domestic Sub-divided Unit of measurements in Urban Areas in Hong Kong A Study of Policy Problems and Solutions. ( 2012 ) .HKU Scholars Hub. Web. 12 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol //hdl & gt .Youth Hong Kong Editorial Team. Housing Dilemmas Give the Young aFuture. Education Post. 17 Jan. 2014. Web. 13 Dec. 2014.& lt hypertext transfer protocol // & gt .Yuen, Ming, and Joy Lu. HK Building Collapse Kills Three Two Missing. HK Building Collapse Kills Three Two Missing. China Daily, 30 Jan. 2010. Web. 13 Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // & gt . ???aY-a?e?Sa?-a?ec c . a?esa?Saa?aaa e?a?c?aaa?aa?c . eaa?cae?ac ca?aa?S ??c-aaa?e?aa , 11 Mar. 2011. Web. 13Dec. 2014. & lt hypertext transfer protocol // & A c/ssp_last.pdf & gt .1

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Problems and Questions

Briefly explain the meaning of R-squ bed. A time series abbreviation of demand tends to result In a higher R-squared than one using cross-sectional data. Why do you think this Is the case? R-squared measures the goodness of fit of a regression equation. A time series analysis of demand tends to result in a higher Required than one using cross-sectional data because data is being ga thered at multiple periods of time as opposed to one period of time when using cross-sectional data. II.What is the identification chore? What effect will this problem have on the regression estimates off demand function? Explain. The identification problem occurs when there Is an Inability In the formula to Identify the best estimate of values of one or more variables In regression. This problem effects regression estimates of a demand function because there is a simultaneous shifting of both the supply and demand, which results in biased results. Ill. A. Why are manufacturers new orders, endogens cap ital goods, an usurp leading indicator?They are an appropriate Indicator because they are commitments that show that economic activity will take place In the future. B. Why Is the Index of Industrial production an appropriate coincident Indicator? The Index of Industrial production Is an appropriate coincident indicator because it provides information about the current state of the economy. C. Why is the average prize rate charged by banks an appropriate lagging indicator? Its an appropriate lagging indicator because changes in the prime rate generally trail changes in the rest of the economy.IV. You have been asked to produce a forecast for your compacts product, bottled weewee. Discuss the kind of Information you would look for In order to make this forecast. An effective forecast for bottled water would Include sales revenue, marketing, competition, Seibel issues that may arise in the future, and information about the target demographic. V. One of the most difficult tasks in r egression analysis is to happen the data suitable for quantitative studies of this kind.Suppose you are trying to estimate the demand for home furniture. Suggest kinds of variables that could be used to represent the following factors, which are believed to excise the demand for any product. Do you anticipate any difficulty in securing such data? Explain. Determinants of Demand for Furniture Suggested Variables to use in Regression outline Price Prices set for furniture at competing companies Tastes & Preferences % of people who like modern, rustic, traditional, contemporary, country, etc. Hypes of furniture Price of related products Price of accent Items (blinds, pillows, rugs) Income Average Income of buyers Cost or availability of credit % of people who purchase furniture with cash or credit Number of buyers of sales per year Future expectations Availability of products, future income of buyers opposite possible factors Seasonal sales I do not see any problem securing this d ata. Most of this Information can be maker of a leading brand of low-calorie microwaveable food estimated the following emend equation for its product using data from 26 supermarkets around the country for the month of April.

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Tim O’Brien “How to Tell a True War Story”

The words, which describe the character tell on Kiley sharp gray eyes tight subatomic strokes of the wrist he wanted me to believe outstanding gentle killer eyes little crazy they were kids they just didnt notice snoop almost bawls writing it they were like soul mates. The words, which do non describe the character crazy in a good way real daredevil nineteen years old and it is too much for him. The computed tomographys real name was Bob Kiley, but everyone was calling him buy at (OBrien 174).He had lost his friend Curt Lemon in Vietnam, but this loss happened beyond any military actions, when they were playing with grenades (they were real kids) strikebreaker had actually lost his soul mate. Reading the story, Rats character created an impression of being flat. However, attack to the storys end, it is evident that huge sufferings are hidden behind the childish behavior. This childish behavior has indirectly be make it the cause of tragedy, and suffering with this loss, Rat reveals his round dynamic character.He tries to forget his ail, but the feature that he feels it is the sign of his deep soul, which was changed in the cruelties of the Vietnam War. Curt Lemon is the character around which Rats actions and thoughts are concentrated. They spent most of their time together and what they matte towards each other was real kinship. The unexpected loss was so difficult for Rat that he didnt hesitate to mail a letter to Lemons sister. This letter has be rise up the expression of his feelings, his sorrow, and his best memories to the highest degree that person. Re-writing the story from Rats perspectiveThe day didnt predict anything tragic. We crossed the river the mountains were in the west, and we had to direct our efforts there. We have already spent three days marching, and it already seemed monotonousso wellwe were trying to entertain ourselves, and in a sanction Curt Lemon was dead. He simply stepped on a booby-trapped 105 round. One second and the man was gone forever. We were playing, we were laughing, and then, out of sudden, he was dead. I didnt notice that the whole hour had passed before we cut off the thick grass for the mite helicopter to land.Surprisingly, the day didnt change the weather was the same, and we kept marching. The only thing was that Curt was not with us anymore. Higher in the mountains Ive sight a scotch VC water buffalo. I had no idea how I could come across it so high in the mountains, and it was probably unexpected for me, that at that moment I could believe of anything else besides Curt. I managed to get a rope around the baby buffalo and to lead it with us to the village, where we had to stay for the night. I stroked the baby buffalos nose, I tried to offer it come pork or beans, but it didnt seem interested. I shrugged but I felt, how enraged I was.At that time I didnt understand, what caused those feelings inside me, but now I know that Curts death had made me provoked angry for bei ng incapable to change anything and to return him to life. I shot the buffalo through the front knee. I was shocked at the animal not showing any sign of stress it didnt cry. It was silent, though it fell hard onto the ground but then got up again, and at that moment I shot off its ear I kept shooting and I could see it cause to be perceived, but for some reason I could not kill it. I would never make it suffer, but something inside me was preventing me from shooting right.I had no idea what others were thinking, but they were definitely watching each move and each shot I made. I was the only one to know, what it meant to me Lemon was dead and he had been the best friend in the world. I am not sure whether it was a inquiry of trouble, and what pain one may mean here. I didnt know whether physical pain could be measured or even compared to the moral pain I felt. I could not understand what I was doing, it was all smoke and I hardly remember whether I had shot the buffalos foot i t was as if I were dreaming. I shot it into the throat.I didnt want it to experience those physical tortures anymore. I bum still remember its eyes enormous, shiny, and dumb. I can remember myself crying. I wanted to say how sorry I was for both the buffalo and for Lemon, but tears didnt let any word come out. I understood I needed some freedom, some silence and some time to think, to try to recover and to ultimately feel better. I left-hand(a) the baby, may be it was still alive, but I didnt know it. I just knew that it was fighting for its life, the chance which Lemon didnt have. It will watch my sin forever, but my pain was enormous to hide it inside.I dont still understand for whom I feel worse for the baby buffalo Ive killed or for Lemon who didnt have a single chance to survive. What I know for sure is that Lemon didnt go through the pain, which baby buffalo felt before it died. I also understand that this death could become neither physical, nor moral compensation for Le mons death. This is what I think now At that time I was not thinking anything. The baby buffalos death remains my biggest weakness the inability to keep emotions inside. posterior that week I wrote a letter to Lemons sister to tell her what a great guy her brother had been.I have written several(prenominal) funny stories from our life I think that the letter turned to be very personal, even touching. I was almost bawling, because I could not accept the fact of his death. He had been the man able to turn the war into fun. He was right for war, and his attitudes towards war were also right. I clearly understood and I really felt that I would never receive any reply from that young girl, but I needed that writing to release my emotions and express what I was feeling about Lemon. Even when I pretended being angry at her, and called her dumb cooze, it was nothing but a mask I didnt want anyone know that I could feelJustification I decided to focus on Rat Kileys character. The author emphasizes his negligent attitude towards life. Listen to Rat Jesus Christ, man, I write this beautiful fucking letter, I slave over it, and what happens? The dumb cooze never writes back (OBrien 175). What I think is that Rat didnt even expect to receive any reply from Lemons sister he needed this letter to express what he had inside, and simultaneously he had to support his image of a guy nineteenth years old and its too much for him (OBrien 175).I was interested in viewing the story through his perspective, because I initially felt Rat could have been depict antithetically, less crazy and more humane. As a result, the events in the narrative would look different through Rats perspective. After Lemon was dead, Rat could not find himself. He did not know how he could neutralize the moral pain he had inside. Again, the author could lead the narration in a different direction. Rat was shooting the baby buffalo it wasnt to kill it was just to hurt (OBrien 179).Has anyone thought t hat Rat might have not clearly understood what he was doing? The fact that he was crying was the best proof that his actions had been absolutely uncontrolled. Moreover, his slight has proved to be only surface he was deeply suffering through the loss of his friend at his nineteen years he could give himself happy for having experienced the kinship he felt towards Lemon. My goal was to portray Rat through different features, not the features which the author used in the narration. I suppose that the author has not looked too deep into Rats soul.OBrien has created an image of Rats cruelty towards the animal, and the readers perceive him as a little crazy. Simultaneously, he has not emphasized many features which make Rat a real human. Even the scene of animal killing could have been depicted differently, through the prism of Rats moral sufferings. Rat Kiley was crying (OBrien 180), and that cry was the difficult acknowledgement of the fact that Lemon would never come back. Works ci ted OBrien, Tim. How to Tell a True War Story. Postmodern American Fiction A Norton Anthology. P. Geyh ed. New York W. W. Norton, 1992, 174-183.

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How Human Activities Negatively Affect the Ecosystem Essay

In various ecosystems, negative changes hold back been seen as consequences of human activities. Specifically, these various activities of people perk up been observed to contribute directly and indirectly to the negative changes and implications in one of the major ecosystems, the marine ecosystem. This paper suggests that many of the human activities employed in the environs, specifically the marine ecosystem, yield multiplicative detrimental effects.It is said that humans have a high influence over ecosystems, and the various activities they make alter the environments conditions (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2003). According to Hylland (2002), there are many different perspectives that could affirm the impact of human activities towards nature. However, in purely simplistic illustrations, human activities that involve sensible disturbance, release of harmful chemicals, and other destructive forms cause serious effects such as a reduced biodiversity.Physical disturbances s uch as trawling, wide scale fishing, or coastal construction prevent fish and other marine species from staying in their original home ground. This means that these marine fauna are displaced from their habitat which may have been destroyed or changed beyond recovery by drastic fishing activities made by man. Similarly, the marine ecosystem may not solitary(prenominal) be lessened because of the displaced marine organisms, but it is to a fault possible that an eventual decrease in the population level of these organisms may happen.This could trigger to a relatively damaging human activity wherein humans will aim for the fish nearer the coastal areas. Under many legislation proceedings, fishing near the coastal areas is prohibited because the act will strip the number of fish and other marine species into a minimal number. Over-fishing could as well cause the decrease in the biodiversity of marine animals (Hylland, 2002). The use of chemicals in fishing could also destroy not onl y the marine species but also their habitat and where eventually, humans will also be affected.This is a chain-like series of events that could lead into a negative effect, destruction even, among marine biological ecosystems. Cyanide and other dynamite fishing are oftentimes used by fishermen as an easier method of fishing that kill even the smaller fish. If these methods continue, the marine species will no longer be sustained. The chemical by products from these methods also destroy their natural ecosystem by contaminating changes that are harmful to the lives of these species.Similarly, there are instances where pollutants and toxic materials from pesticides go as water run-off from residential and outlandish areas toward the seas and other water forms, thereby contaminating the seas and the living organisms in it with the toxic substances (Hylland, 2002). Another major implication that is currently of relevance is the aftereffect of negative human activities that remember an indirect implication climate change. Because of the ensuing pollution, forest denudation and other factors, climate change and global warming have been relatively causing damage.These have negative effects as well on the marine ecosystems as the seas are heating up, thereby changing the distribution of species (Hylland, 2002). Conclusively, it must be noteworthy that many various human endeavors have multiplicative detrimental effects to many ecosystems, specifically the marine ecosystem. As mentioned, the negative effects do not only encompass the destruction of the marine ecosystems but also the biodiversity of the marine species. When the habitats are destroyed, the number of marine organisms decreases, therefore catapulting to unsustainability in the ecological balance.This goes to show that either human activity that has negative impacts will be felt multiplicatively through direct and indirect measures. References Hylland, K. (2002, February). How Do Human Activities Affect Marine Biodiversity And Ecosystem Processes? Paper presented at the The EC IMPACTS Cluster First Workshop. Universite de Pau et des Pays de lAdour, Pau cedex, France. Retrieved April 2, 2009 from http//web. univ-pau. fr/impacts/Theme2part1. pdf. Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. (2003). Ecosystems and Human Well-being A Framework for Assessment. Washington DC Island Press.

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How to Improve Services

Jonathan Swifts meter, The Ladys Dressing Room, is a comic satire that seeks to show necessitateers the inescapable humanity and its flaws and gory ugliness that women moderate to live with no matter how effortful they try to make themselves appear immaculately beautiful on the outside. It could be read as a criticism of the extreme efforts women do to make themselves beautiful, and as a criticism of the beholder, the man, who is entrance by the physical beauty only to solidize the imperfections being hidden underneath that flawless exterior in the ladys book binding room.The medical dressing room is where the transformation takes place this is where the lady goes in simple and when she comes out she is a radiant beauty and men cannot help themselves. That is what the poem implies that is why the poem begins with a man, Strephon, who is enamored by Celia who takes at least cardinal hours to prepargon herself, sneaking in the dressing room to find out why, and discovers t he horrors that goes on not only inside the room but withal with his beloved Celias body beneath those laces and brocades.He discovers first a dirty Smock appeard, down the stairs the Arm-pits well besmeard. Strephon, the Rogue, displayd it wide, And turnd it round on every Side. On such a Point few words are best, And Strephon bids us guess the rest But swears how damnably the Men lie, In calling Celia sugary and cleanly. That in fact, Celia is not as perfect as she seems her clothes have perspiration and bad aroma on them. hat follows next is a series of finding other items Celia uses to prepare herself combs with dirt, dandruff and sweat, a magic spell of cloth with oil used to cover wrinkles, gloves made from Celias dogs skin when it died, and confused little jars filled with pomade, paint, ointments, all these used to cover her imperfections. Strephon even finds the discarded stockings that reveal stinking toes. No wonder that at the end of the poem, Strephon could no longer look straight at any woman, for his imagination always conjures the images he saw in the dressing room and saw their stinks, their flaws that they try so hard to hide.The fibber of the poem says that this is vengeance for his peeping, for if Strephon did no such thing then he could still be blessed when he sees beautiful women without knowing such gaudy Tulips raisd from Dung. Hence this is the iniquity of the ladys dressing room, that it took the magic and wonder for the beholder and made him see the woman as the imperfect creature masquerading to be a work of art. However, the dressing room is also a bedevilment for Celia and all women, as it is the chamber where they feed their obsession to make themselves beautiful for men.In the poem the narrator mentioned Celias magnifying Glass, which is simply a mirror, but in this mirror everything was enlarged, that it can to Sight disclose, The smallest dirt ball in Celias Nose, And faithfully direct her Nail To squeeze it out from Head to Tail For catch it nicely by the Head, It must come out alive or dead. that it makes her so insecure to make her spend time to look for even the minutest flaws that no one would see anyway.The woman spends a minimum of five hours (perhaps an exaggerated figure, but the point is that women spend a large amount of time preening) and fails to see that real beauty comes from within, not on what is reflected by a piece of glass. The poem shows the readers an image of the preparation interpreted to make one look good outside but in so doing shows that perhaps it is temperaments way that makes it so difficult that we should learn to appreciate each other and ourselves, flaws included, for we all have them.This is not to say to forgo hygiene, but merely to examine what activities we spend time on. The curse of the dressing room is that it makes us believe in the illusion that media sells us the dream of that perfect skin, that Barbie body, that photoshopped face, that if we make up ourselves as long as we need to we can transcend our human bodies flaws. But we cannot, because all these are parts of what makes us who we are.

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Analysis of Two Views of the River by Mark Twain Essay

Wisdom and knowledge takes the poetry from our hearts.Two Views of the River is an essay that depicts the base on b all told in alls over of an single from innocence to wisdom and how amours loose their significance when they cease to be something new, and later on, what we supposition we wanted will become something trivial and insignificant in our eyes as we discover what it actually is.The direction Mark Twain said the language of the water reminds me of things in our lives, perhaps trades that we are severe to become the cosmoss experts of. Indeed, we try to work on our goals and become as great as we could be. We learn every facet of that object, as the river was to him.Referring to his mentioning of romance, it is comparable to falling in love. When people fall in love, they are in a fantasy world where everything is seen in rose-tinted glasses. Seeing only all the wonders of that world and refusing to see all the bad side. Once the glasses are removed, you can tranqu il remember all the memories and reminiscing all the thrills and happiness that those memories made you feel just as he recalled the way he was when he first fell in love with the river.When he learned everything he wanted to know, he discovered that what he has found was something worthy but in the process, he lost a part of himself that he could never ever regain nor recapture again and perhaps it is his ability to dream. What he has found disillusion him. But then he remembers the way he was and the way he used to view things. al peerless the watcher he once saw has turned jaded. It is perhaps his perspective that changed but even, it makes him sad to slang that.Maybe, he also realized that he has become cynical, if you will view his loss of passion in relation to life, politics even. He was reminiscing the way he had first seen the river, like someone bewitched and in awe of all the beauty that he saw and he said that instead of seeing the beauty of it, he should have seen the harm it could do. But then, he said that he slowly saw the beauty in a different light or maybe, he started to take that beauty for granted.In life, at that place are many times when we get disillusioned. We follow dreams and fantasies as though they are the best thing on earth, only to realize later on that the dream was never quite the way we see it once it turns into reality. A lot of times, people get so absorbed in the chase of one rainbow after another to realize what they really want, in much the akin way that in an individuals pursuit of knowledge in his field of passion, they eventually loose their enthusiasm.There were cause and business line in Twains essay which could be seen in the way he described the river, which differs from the way he described it as someone you would call nave to his next paragraph, which I would interpret as a man who has gained knowledge and was disillusioned by that knowledge. In view of life, it is like the passing over of humans and l earning the harsh facts of life.The world is still the great place that we know it is, and life is still a precious jewel that matters more than anything in this world. But in our daily lives, we forget to infrastructure back and see the worlds beauty because we have encountered its non-white pits, in much the same way that we find life so hard to appreciate because of the irony and unfairness of it.Mankind was all born idealists and optimists, but eventually, that idealism and optimism is lost as the person goes through the hardships of life. The experiences will teach him a great many things and it will leave him equipped to handle the obstacles that he has encountered in the past and bastinado the obstacles of the present. But this will take some of the beauty from his eyes.Viewing the essay in different angles and in relation to aspects of society and humanity, it is indeed easier to remain innocent and left with our dreams and not know of all the dark angles because knowing can only hurt as dreams are indeed better than reality.

Chance & Story Essay

In third grade through ordinal, I had a shoplifter named Chance. We were best pluggers and often spent big days and nights over at distri providedively others house. Whenever I stayed at Chances, the house was filled with noise from the two of us and his six brothers and sisters. Chances family was Mormon, a religion that my family knew nothing close to except the name. He in one case explained why his family was so large, but it made little sense to me at that time. During the summer between sixth and seventh grade Chances family go away to Utah.Ive get winded a eccentric more about Mormons since but this assignment offered me an opportunity to learn more about the religion of my friend and how Mormons feel about how they ar perceived in the United States, especi tout ensembley concerning the law and discrimination. Chances family was only one of many Mormons in my town and surrounding areas. Patty is a good friend of mine who refers the Mormon church in town since she w as a baby, so through her I was up to(p) to find trinity flock to query.Her parents were not available, but she introduced me to a Mormon missionary Brian, a dwell Barbara, and Chris, her mothers home- teacher. Brian is twenty years old and is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada. He is currently nearing the end of his Mormon mission, which is a semi-required two year contrive for Mormon young men to an area chosen by the head church in Salt Lake City, Utah. He had just graduated high school when he began the training for the mission.His mission is to go door to door in the neighborhoods to share his beliefs and teach anyone interested about the basics of the church. Barbara is in any case not originally from this area. She was born and raised in Provo, Utah, which is where the Mormon university Brigham Young is located. She moved here ten years ago when her husbands job transferred. She is forty-three years old, has fin children between six and fifteen, has a college degree from BYU in marketing but doesnt currently work outside her home, and has been married for twenty-three years.Chris is from this area and has lived here all of his fifty-six years. He is an elder at the church, has four children and sixteen grandchildren so far, works as a machine repairer, and volunteers for the church as a home-teacher in which he regularly visits church members for further teaching about the church. Having such different subjects to inter office proved very interesting. Each shared that they have dealt with some sort of discrimination in their lifetimes as Mormons. They all indicated that the problems are rarely very serious and never violent, but are more subtle.Barbara notices the blackball attitude towards Mormons most of the three because she lived for so long in Utah, which is heavily populated with Mormons, especially where she lived in Provo. She say that when the family moved, she was surprised to find that there are people who still believe Mormons are the many-wives religion. maven woman at her childrens school even asked once if Barbara was one of several wives of her husband. Neither Brian nor Chris tell that they have had this problem. Brian said his problem is more centered on his mission work. He has often comprehend people say there go the two-by-twos. The missionaries work in pairs, so he said the precondition stuck. For the most part, he says people are friendly towards him and often comment that Mormons are the nicest people they know, but very few choose to actually discuss the churchs teachings. Instead Brian and Chris both said that most people are interested in if Mormons are a cult that traps unsuspecting victims. Barbara also said this is something people have asked in round-about ways such as through her kids. All three said that it is often frustrating the poor view that they feel the majority of Americans have toward the Mormon Church.Barbara and Chriss children mostly have other Mormon friends, and those t hat are not Mormon are seldom allowed to attend activities organized for the Mormon youth such as dances, outings, or sport activities if they are to be held at the church. They say that no one has said directly why the kids cant attend, but all three believe that it is related to the negative view of the church. They all also indicated that any issues that arise are always social in nature, that they have never had a problem with employers or the law regarding discrimination.Interestingly, as I interviewed each person, I found myself also curious about the oddities of the Mormon church. When Barbara mentioned the many-wives idea, I precious to know more about it. So I was doing exactly what the three had said most people do expressing curiosity about the strangeness instead of the good qualities of the church or its teachings. However, I did learn quite a bit about the basic structure of the church, why it is based in Utah, and how Mormons view the world and the after-life.Since th e problems that Mormons experience are almost always social, it is a discipline of slowly changing the habituals view of the church. Chris believes that the commercials the church has put on television have gone a long way in changing perceptions about the church. Brian said that attitudes are better in Canada towards the church most likely because it started in the USA, where it experienced a lot of discrimination in its beginnings. So it is a matter of time and continued sharing for the Mormon Church to be recognized as a legitimize religion and not as a cult.

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Historical Fiction Narrative

Historical Fiction muniment My name is Elizabeth, Im 15 and Im moving to the West with my family. We are sack there for something called the Homestead Act. The Homestead Act is when you get 160 acres of land for exhaust for 5 years. During the 5 years, you must grow crops. But my father is going to the West for exploit gold. Its may 8th, 1861. Tomorrow my family and I leave for the West. We are going by railroad. It will be my first term going on the railroad.Im so excited yet nervous. I heard that its a Transcontinental Railroad. That means that its a railroad that spans the continent. May 9th, 1861 Man So what are you on this train for? Me Moving to the West. My family is getting a heavy(p) house with 160 acres of land for free and my dads going to be a miner. Man Oh, the Homestead Act Me Yeah. What are you here for? Man lucky mining of course I wanna strike gold and become rich Me Well, I have to go now so good luck and safe traveling. Man Good luck and safe stir up to you too 24 hours later My family and I are now in the West. The train ride was rattling not that bad. But now were going to our house. Momma and poppa say its a big house. My older brother, Frank whose 19, might either stay with momma and I or go mining with poppa and my little sister, Sally whose 5, is staying with momma and I. Im so excited that were here.Its graceful here. The fields, the land, everything Now were at the house. Its beautiful. And its really big and the land is beautiful. Its desire living a dream fields of blue grass, beautiful blue skies, white puffy clouds. At night, I plan on laying outside in the fields and just watching the starts discharge like little diamonds. Im so happy to be here and Im really excited to be spending the next 5 years and to start a newborn life in the West with my family.

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Contribute to the Development of the British Empire

However, the other agents that occurred at home which reformed he world of coin can be considered as the more earthshaking factor as it aided the scale at which both companies were able to grow. The other various factors that occurred amongst the home front had a huge impact in the tuition of the British Empire, possibly acting as the approximately significant. Although having been present before, duty companies really thrived during this period.This was repayable to a series of revolutionary changes, most nonably the change from the medieval regulated trading concerns organisation to the joint stock. This now meant that instead of investors pooling heir earnings into one single ships voyage, they would be investing funds in a whole company. This resulted in lower risk investments and due to the notion that smaller investments could be made more of the world possessed the means to be able to do so, increasing the companys pay which subsequently improved the governments.Al so the schooling of factors who were the men in charge of the actual trade with the indigene population became the beginning of long-lived European bases overseas whilst factories became the hub of local trade, spreading European influence in native society and economy (as Wildernesss theory states). Also, as London was beginning to become a major trading port it began relying on raw materials from overseas trade. For example by 1 720, 15% of all subject field import came from India alone. And so with this alarming habituation comes a natural conviction that this supply must be protected.This is significant because one way to protect something is to have control over it, and so it seemed like an or so convenient logic for the British to start thinking about gaining imperial power. These factors are the most significant in the development of the British Empire through trade and commerce. This is cause if it werent for the joint-stock System, both companies may not have had the means to be as successful as they were which would have dimmed a development of Empire. Also, the dependency they acquired on foreign materials was one of the main benefactors in their want for imperial control.However, it can be argued that this reliance was caused by the successes of the trade companies such as the ICE and without these, there would be no dependency and so no need for hegemony. The East India Company is a definite factor in the development of the British Empire through trade and commerce. Starting off with simply the intention to read well with the promisingly lucrative East, through its various successes the East India Company did prove to be the starting foundations of face colonialism in India.After a long termed desire to establish a trade with the east, the East India Company was lastly developed and launched with an official charter in 1600. As hoped, right from the very start, the company was seeing exceedingly healthy profits. This then encouraged a 1 60 9 charter which gave the company permanent rights whilst a push charter in 1670 meant that the company could actually make its own laws with an army ND the ability to cross money. Both of these events contributed to the development of the British Empire as they became the first signs Of actions which imitated the actions that may be expected of a colonial state.Another subtle indication of the companys intended permanency came through the building of Fort William. However, possibly the most evident way in which the ICE aided the British Empire came in their seek to be granted firm. Firm was mainly needed so that the ICE would have the rights to set up permanent trading bases and factories, both of which would have been essential for effective trade. This meant that through negotiations, they became drawn into local power networks, which politically strengthened their position in India.Also, the prospect of trading bases would definitely intensify the sense of European permanence i n the East. After a few violent naval battles with the Dutch, the Moguls saw the British as original and decided to grant them the firm they so desired. This had a couple significant effects. Firstly, it displayed a certain immensity of military, but rather naval superiority in getting what is wanted. This was to become a huge factor in the actual placement and sustain of the British Empire.

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Write a paper about Michael Pollan's Food Rules Essay

Write a paper about Michael Pollans Food Rules - strain ExampleThis has generated a common concern among people i.e. to search for ways to ensure healthy take and maintaining a smart figure.The halt Food Rules by Martic Pollan is very different from the conventional nutritional guides in that it teaches to control human activities more than calorie count, that is the focus of discussion in most of the nutritional guides. The book fundamentally discusses human psychological science with respect to viands. According to Pollan, although it is good to distinguish between right food and wrong food, yet the ultimate factor that decides the impact of food on an individual is the right or wrong habits. The book is based upon 64 simple and easy to follow rules that one should employ in everyday life from the start of the day till its end. For example, Pollan emphasizes in-take of a heavy meal in the breakfast, cut back in the lunch and lightest in the dinner. Likewise, he suggests never to feed in up to the full capacity. Pollan believes that grandmas can be consulted to learn if a certain food should be consumed or not. Pollan suggests more in-take of fresh fruits and vegetables than m sap. One should eat on the table and not while wandering, driving or watching tv. Rule No. 58 of Michael Pollan suggests us to attend food. (Pollen) says, If we eat while were working, or while watching TV or driving, we eat mindlessly -- and as a result eat a lot more than we would if we were ingest at a table. One should not eat processed food. Junk food can be consumed hardly only the one that is home made.One can eat all the junk food and as much as one wants and still be slim and smart provided that one knows where to eat that. No wonder it sounds little absurd To read this, one would wonder what ones place of eating has got to do with the effect of food on body, though the relation is very strong and human psychology explains that. When eating is accompanied with another ac tivity, one pays less attention to the volume of

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An empirical study of the differences in consumer behavior in an Dissertation

An empirical study of the differences in consumer behavior in an e-commerce environment compared to the traditional commerce - Dissertation ExampleOne area of social concern that engineering seem have gained much grounds today is business in general and marketing to be specific. When engine room was born at first, little did any unrivaled think that it was going to grow beyond being employ for office and secretarial purposes into becoming a tool for buying and selling courtesy the meshwork The internet has actually come to be an integrated blueprint that has coalesced the functions and activities of almost every major invention before it. To this effect, Leiner et al (2011) notes that The Internet has revolutionized the figurer and communications world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio, and computer stage the stage for this unprecedented integration of capabilities. Before the advent of the internet and even in its primordial days, general ma rketing trend of people was typically influenced by doing business with traditional stores. In those days, one came into contact with products and services because one traveled some distance. Again, one bargained for prices of goods and services by meeting the bus in person. Today, all such bureaucracies have changed because of a new phenomenon of marketing known as electronic shopping, simply referred to as e-shopping. With e-shopping, people just have to click the button of a mouse in the comfort of wherever they are and they lower a list of as many products as they want. Again, technology has made it possible that one does not have to walk to a particular shop to get things bought and payments made. All these are done via the internet. And of course, the ease with which e-shopping comes has greatly affected consumer demeanour. According to the University of Delaware (2006), buying Behavior is the conclusion processes and acts of people involved in buying and using products. T his research work is therefore dedicated to magnanimous an empirical study of the differences in consumer behavior in an e-commerce environment compared to the traditional commerce. Specifically, consumer behaviour among students of a selected university shall be examined to ascertain the effects that the online shopping has had on their consumer behavior. To this effect, students buying behaviour on electronics shall be critically examined in relation to electronic shopping. Research Aim The primary aim of this research work is to find forbidden whether consumers buy differently online as compared with traditional way of doing business. Then if they do, the researcher will be concern with finding out factors that influence their decisions. Specific Objectives In other to achieve the broader research aim set above, the researcher has developed the following specific objectives. It is the hope of the researcher that the act of these specific objectives would lead to the achieveme nt of the wider researcher aim. The specific objectives are as follows 1. To explain what consumer behaviour is 2. To find out the different types of consumer behaviour 3. To explain what electronic business is in general and what electronic shopping is to be specific 4. To signal between factors that influence consumer behaviour with traditional businesses and factors that influence consumer behaviour with electronic business. 5. To discuss the role of electronic business/shopping in ensuring business growth 6. To find out the positive influence of e-shopping on consumer behavior

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Possible Change of Teachers Attitudes throughout their Career Research Paper

Possible Change of Teachers Attitudes through step forward their Career - Research Paper ExampleFreedman & ships boat (2007) iterate that own(prenominal)ly-held nurtures and beliefs of the teacher have significant influence on in-class teaching practices. Hall (2005) supports this notion, opining that it is the personal beliefs of teachers that inform their professional attitudes and conduct in the classroom. There is, then, an undeniable link between personal value systems and the evolution of teaching style over time which could, theoretically, have significant impact on the finish to, initially, seek a life as a high take teacher. According to Morris & Maisto (2005), the complexities associated with teaching withdraw a self-actualized individual that finds significant psycho-social rewards for promoting higher eruditeness and educational development in students. Under some models of psychology and sociology, self-actualization is the state of emotional being in which an i ndividual actively seeks to pursue their maximum good and the pinnacle of their abilities gained once self-confidence and self-esteem have been developed within the individual. When a high coach teacher first lands their position, they often seek to break the proverbial mold of teaching by attempting to bring into being unique and differentiated classroom content and teaching styles. Filled with fresh ideas, the teacher seeks to create a sense of personal belonging with teaching peers and with students which influences initial teaching styles. Teachers will often seek out alliances with other teaching facilitators and administrators in an educational scenario referred to as communities of practice, a collection of skilled individuals that collaborate to uphold learning about a specific skill or practice (Wenger, 2005). However, it is not long into career where such activities will often meet with centralized hierarchies of control where bureaucracy and budget issues prevent eff icacious facilitation of these communities of practice. Many teachers will attempt to create more contemporary and innovative curriculum content, using assistive technologies to facilitate modern learning concepts and principles (Bausch & Hasselbring, 2004). Other teachers in an effort to establish a positive stir for themselves in the academic environment attempt experiential learning curriculum, a form of hands-on learning to facilitate a genuine and innovative learning experience (Merriam, Caffarella & Baumgartner, 2007). However, what is unclear is whether these preliminary and initial require and values remain constant throughout the evolution of the teaching career. A soft Study To envision what impacts attitudes of high school teachers early in career and throughout the evolution of practice, it was necessary to conduct a small-scale qualitative study utilizing a small sample of high school teachers as participants. Qualitative research was the most viable and reliable me thodology for this study as measuring complex attitudes in a range of psycho-social principles cannot accurately be measured statistically. It was necessary to conduct semi-structured interviews with currently practicing high school

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Failure of the League of Nations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Failure of the League of Nations - Essay ExampleThe research illustrates that Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, and later Germany and Russia all(prenominal) great powers in their own right - joined the League of Nations and the United States, on the other hand, was the wholly major power not to join the League in spite of having been instrumental in creating it in the first place. This dichotomy i.e. the failure of the United States to join the League of Nations, in spite of being its staunchest advocate, could indeed be ascribed to its inability to reconcile domestic political compulsions with its external obligations. Was this domestic compulsion a friction between the realists and the idealists? This is the main theme that the research paper will seek to examine. The idealist view of international relations envisaged the creation of, international institutions to replace the anarchical and war-prone balance-of-power system. The realist view,on the other hand, viewed the st ate as the virtually important player, subservient to no other (external) authority. The idealist view was endorsed by president Wilson who in his, far-famed Fourteen Points speech, delivered before congress in 1918, proposed the creation of the League of Nations. Although the League of Nations came into being in 1919, Congress refused to ratify the United States entry into the league. This challenge to President Wilsons worldview was spearheaded by a group of Senators direct by Senators Henry Cabot Lodge, William E. Borah, and Hiram Johnson. Part of the realist view was that the US should revert to its policy of isolation that had been in panache pre-World War I in keeping with the Monroe Doctrine. This was at odds with the Leagues charter, which enjoined that, the international partnership had not only the right but a duty to intervene in international conflicts.

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Apple Case Analysis Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

apple Case outline - Term Paper ExampleThough orchard apple tree whitethorn be thriving on its success in different segments specially its non-PC segment however, it is confronting with certain issues which sternful critically affect its operations in the future. Since late 1990s, the overall share of Apple in ain computers market is consistently below 5% which is far below than Apples traditional competitors. It seems that the buyers of Apple are too much focused on its non-PC products and consumers are willing to buy those products. The competitive products against Apple Mac are reasonably equipment casualtyd then consumers pitch to prefer them over Mac due to price related vari able-bodieds. Further, technology is changing fast in the area where Apple is operating and historically firms tend to lose if they dont keep up with the changes in technology. Whether Apple will be able to keep pace with this technology is something which everybody likes to explore. Situation Anal ysis External Analysis Apples challenger is of international nature in its Mac segment of personal computers wherein it sells its PCs either through its own flagship stores, electronic retailors as advantageously as through its website. The overall range of personal computers of Apple includes desktops, laptops as well as smaller mini notebooks. There can be different circumstanceors which may at see and can directly affects the way Apple operates in the patience. It is critical to note that Generation Y is become technology oriented with ownership of at least one PC is considered as essential because PC is now a days being used not only for entertainment purposes but for amend the productivity as well as to have access to information. What however, has changed over the period of time is the fact that consumers tend to favor those pay offrs which conserve the environment in their overall manufacturing process. The reusability of the material as well as its ability of not harm ing the environment is what is making the difference. It is also critical to note that the overall revenue of the industry is on rise since last decade except a slight dip during 2009. It may therefore can be safely assumed that industry is growing and there is relatively better electric potential for the existing players to expand with little bit of more innovation and creativity. A Porter Five Forces Analysis of Personal Computer Industry would suggest that buyers have higher bargaining power because of low fault cost. Suppliers also tend to have higher bargaining power due to technological sophistication as well as expertise they held in terms of providing the necessitate hardware and software components to manufacture a personal computer. Providers such as Intel tend to have monopoly over certain critical components required to manufacture a PC and therefore tend to have more bargaining power. The overall threat of upstart substitutes is relatively low because industry is do minated by large players and the overall capital expenditure required is relatively high. Threats of substitutes can be significant especially in the wake of latest changes in the technology allowing smaller and compact tablet PCs to emerge as alternatives. Apples own IPAD is considered as a gadget which can actually kill personal computers therefore going forward there can be significant threats of substitutes. As a result of the technological developments and new market dynamics, the overall contestation has intensified

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Organizational Life-Cycles and Management Styles Research Proposal

Organizational Life-Cycles and Management Styles - Research Proposal ExamplePlanning is precise important since this result be the start off of a certain project. Without planning, the project may catch delays and eventually will reach the goal which is envisioned by the company. Having an activity or an event, planning is evermore needed. This plan will be the record of the goals and objectives the company wanted to achieve. In this way, there will be a check and balance if the projects were pursued or were it done.It is a process. Planning comes with organizing, directing people, who will be involved heavily in projects and ensure that there are changes, impacts happened by dint of the course of implementation through monitoring.According to Reh (2006), managing people has never been easy especially when there are big numbers of the staff involved. provided once the plan is done properly, in sync with organizing, directing and monitoring, then this will not be a heavy load af ter all. Later, it will be realized that the challenging project is recognise once it came out successfully.In brief, Mills (2005) stated that leadership is about a vision of the future and the aptitude to boost others to pursue it while management is about getting results and if it has done effectively and efficiently it will be a success.A good leader should have qualities that can meet the standards of the people as well as the company. Some of these are a passion for the work. Enjoying what he is doing and do not pity with the compensation. A good leader should also be decisive. In handling matters inside the company, the people try this kind of leader. Other qualities are conviction, integrity, adaptability, emotional toughness, emotional resonance, self-knowledge, and humility.

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American Gothic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

American Gothic - Essay ExampleAmerican Gothic is a highly expressive painting which captures the spirit of an age. Depicting a Midwestern granger and his daughter, the dour expressions of the faces of both father and daughter, their highly modest clothing and the conservatism which they exude, communicate the hardship of the times. Whether from the bashfulness of their clothing, the utter dourness of their expression or the plainness of the house in the background, the picture tells the story of an age. It is an age where the great unwashed lived by their own labor and had to work long hours, leaving hardly any room for agreeable pursuits, just to survive and make ends meet. Certainly, the picture does not tell a tale of poverty besides it tells one of a life of work with no pleasure in order to satisfy the sanctioned requirements of livelihood, decent clothing and shelter.The painting further provides readers with an understanding of male-female relations and roles during the age in question. In this picture, the farmer is pictured holding a large pitchfork and dominates the painting. His daughter is standing just behind him and plot of ground he is looking straight ahead, gazing at onlookers, her eyes atomic number 18 averted. The pitchfork is a symbol of the manual(a) labor for which men were responsible and the fact that the daughter is standing behind the father is indicative of the slavish status of females. Added to that, the fact that the man is looking straight ahead and the daughters eyes are averted could be interpreted as evidencing the public role of men versus the private role of females. It is, thus, that the male telephone number is boldly looking at the painter and, hence, directly at us while the female discover is not.

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Limited Warfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

hold in Warfare - Essay ExampleIn the contemporary world, semipolitical and strategic failures, fiscal constraints, and the growing forces forcefulness of nations globally are dictating the existence of peculiar(a) warfare. Limited war entails that, destruction of an enemy charter not be complete in material trait, unless(prenominal) lead to a poise of the power structure, in which the power of rivaling groups, results toward stability. A limited war is one which involves nations that are at war that weapons such as nuclear weapons are not involved. The limited war is aimed to preserve several resources of a nation to be applied elsewhere or use part of resources to attain the desired objectives. The limited war seeks lesser objectives and not the annihilation of the adversary its goals are limited to issues such as swings in political behavior. However, like other wars the limited war involved a foe and enmity and it is less refined that it was in the 18th century. There hav e been numerous limited wars witnessed in the world news report which include the American Indian war, the Afghanistan war, the Libyan war and to some extent the Vietnam War. In some of these wars although majuscule applied limited character it was evident that its main aim was to oust the regimes (Slim, 173). Political and Military Implications The political description of the aims is with conversion into legions purposes. It would be hard, sometimes vague and tortuous, yet its victory is truly full of life to the achievement of the political aims. Key military notions relating to the wished end product such as military seduction are changed to reflect a much important political emphasis. There exist Rapid outcome making and military response. The successful result of such a war centers on the ability to move rapidly to a developing calamity, which most often explodes by surprise. This would be a key contention for the military. Organizing and maintaining home and global po litical support. Military actions in the present age of precision and honesty drive political legality (Slim, 213). In that most significant issues are evasion of victims on both sides and lessening of collateral harm. It is crucial to maintain the military management in the defense and tactical decision-making circle and impact a straight politico-military boundary. Militarily, the greatest dispute could arise in the political unwillingness to entrust a pro-active commitment and persistence. These would be to keep the authority for endorsing not just key military progress but also many operational resolutions concerning to operation and service of military resources. Political and military necessities will force heavy dependence on acumen, watch and investigation. Use of ground forces across the boundaries could be dejected, or held up, referable to fear of victims and complexity in disengagement. Information operations turn out to be important. The political necessities of th e military operations, in order to attain and keep the ethical high ground and refute that to the opponent, would need a complete and complicated media, public associations and information campaign (Slim, 214). This needs full incorporation and harmonization with the prep and implementation of the military operations. Mental warfare has existed as a part of typical war it gets conditional relation now. Limited conformist war need to consider counter involvement and protective measures. The so called unheated start